Why I chose USC
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Why I chose USC

How did I make the decision to become a Trojan for life?

I started out by reaching out to alumni. The Trojan Family.

I reached out to 10 alums from each school I was considering

Here's what I found made USC the superior choice

Trojans have pride

USC was the only school where every alumni spoke about it with a glint in their eye. Others didn't come close. You knew the alums LOVED USC.

Trojans care about the family

All 10 people I reached out to from USC responded. I've met every single one of them now. No other school came close.

USC is quickly changing

I was interested in startups. Is was very clear from my research that the startup scene was growing. I'm really glad I arrived just at the right time to experience it.

It became an easy decision.

People who went to USC loved it. Being a Trojan means being part of a proud network of alums and students. And the community I felt when I walked on campus got me

I'm a Trojan for life.


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@slisam you have a really cool story for choosing USC! what was the biggest factor in your decision?