Why do people like Peach?
Why do people like Peach? stories
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sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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Peach (http://peach.cool/) is a new social network that took people by storm. You can find Pencil on Peach from username: usepencil.

Why do people like Peach?

"There are a lot of non real people, so it's really funny"

Leo from Wonderland, leokangin on Peach

"It is a giant group message with the world"

Brad Thibeau, Thibeau on Peach

"It lets me make humorous content on the fly. It's just fun"

The Future, thefuture on Peach

"I make it a way to practice English"

Huang Aria, Aria37 on Peach

"Less noisy than twitter, if I could get more core friends

here it'd replace FB for me. It's all of the stuff I like about Tumblr & FB in terms of yore, while still reaching out to strangers around common interests." - Ron Bronson, ronbronson on Peach

"because there's no pear app"

-Mimi, glorificus on Peach

"I've found it to be a refreshing change from Instagram.

The features & social attitudes within the app are both inviting. I find it simple, quick, & helpful. A beautiful addictive addition to the social landscape." -vaderbreath, vaderbreath on Peach

"Peach is rich in content possibilities that make it fun

& addictive. It also has a sleek design that makes it easy to use & requires a minimal learning curve" - Dane Theisen, DaneTheisen on Peach

"I'm not being asked to like, share, comment or buy anything

and I'm entertained by all the people I follow." -Casie Lane, casielane on Peach

"Peach is the love-child of pictionary, drunk Aunt Sally and

mid-90's barn-parties in Wisconsin" - Casie Lane, casielane on Peach

"For gifs"

-Asher, ais on Peach

"Four-quadrant GIF is totes fun."

-PmD Interactive, PmDInteractive on Peach

"It feels like FB did when I was a freshman in high school"

-Clayton Brand, clay_to_n on Peach

"Engagement on peach is outstanding

right now due to a smaller cohort & the early adopters are simply having fun. It's a simplification of social media that is fresh and experimental." -Mike Moeller, mikewmoeller on Peach

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