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Never been to a Demo Day? It's FILLED with energy and excitement. Here's what happened at Batch 15 Demo Day!

Inside 500 Startups Demo Day

by sydney

The startups start rolling in between 10 and 11am to set up

The 500 Startups team comes a bit earlier to help set up and make sure things run smoothly for Demo Day!

Teams who want to practice go on stage to do practice runs

You can tell the founders are a bit nervous, but are PUMPED to deliver their pitches. The quiet before the storm.

Other teams set up their booths & talk amongst each other

Everybody is all smiles! Some press outlets wander the floors before the investors arrive to get their scoop on the stories.

Some teams get creative with their booths

At noon, the investors start flooding in

Lunch is also served. Yum.

Pitches Start

Then come 1 hour blocks of pitching (with some 30 minute breaks in between for startups to talk to investors). And yes, more food.

This is why Demo Day is a big deal.

Look at all the investors. Standing room only.

During the breaks, everybody's talking and networking

Some startups have lines forming from all the attention after their pitch

Dinner is pretty great.

They had calamari, slider burgers, meatballs, and more. Not to mention some great drinks. The networking continues.

Pictures with Dave

As things start winding down, all the teams start grabbing photos with Dave McClure

The coolest part about Demo Day? People have fun

Don't get me wrong, it's a business day with a lot of selling, pitching, and raising, but the 500 founders and team know how to have fun

Congrats Batch 15

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