Tom Fallows, Uber's Global Director, at LAUNCH Festival
Tom Fallows, Uber's Global Director, at LAUNCH Festival stories

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Chat with Uber employee Tom Fallows at LAUNCH Festival 2016

Tom Fallows, Uber's Global Director, at LAUNCH Festival

Uber for Business is like Google for Work

Makes it easier for employees to use Uber.

For the Apple Watch and Pebble

It needs to make things a magnitude easier. For example, I can now tell Amazon Echo: "Hey Alexa, call me an Uber to work." The Echo is magical and delightful.

How can we make Uber part of the fabric of your life?

How can we make the ride and platform amazing? We now use the API to try and make Uber interact in new ways. As an example, you can request a ride in Facebook Messenger

Uber can tell people which restaurants are popular

Uber is helping the Hilton suggest their users where people tend to go from the hotel itself using its data. It can give restaurant suggestions and more because of that information.

Uber can power the Internet of Things

It can heat your home before you arrive and have food delivered so that your house is warm and there is food when you arrive.

Uber Pool is going really well.

Pushing it really hard across the world because it's going so well, both for Uber and for the consumer.

Airports actually love Uber

The airport just cares about people paying the fee like taxis do. Uber actualy helps reduce the congestion so airports actually really like it.

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