Things that surprised me about Blitzscaling
Things that surprised me about Blitzscaling stories

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A few things that surprised me (or things I didn't know coming in) to CS183C

Things that surprised me about Blitzscaling

Lessons that I thought were most unique/interesting from CS183C

Every stage in a company's life has big, new challenge

This isn't surprising per-say, but so much modern day startup advice is focused on getting to product market fit and early day growth that we sometimes forget the scaling challenges

You're going to fire A LOT of people

Different stages of the company require different types of people. As companies blitzscale, many people who play critical roles in one stage of the business have none at the next stage

The Importance of Management

The bigger the company gets, the more important management skills become. Managing a large company involves maintaining culture, talent, mission, and more.

Need for processes

Standard and formalized processes are necessary when the company hits 100+ employees. I knew this was common in operation heavy companies, but seemed surprising for younger startups.

Still learning how to grow

After product market fit, there is still a lot of testing to find the best growth strategies. The numbers need to get big, fast.

You're a cool startup......until you're not

When hiring, you have the fact that you're hot and cool going for you. And then you get to a point where you can't pitch that anymore. Usually that's where mission kicks in.

"What got you here, won't get you there"

Lots of great lessons, these are just a few.

Thanks to Chris, Reid, John, and Allen for putting this awesome class on!

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