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sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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What my life is like and what I think about

The Mind of a Founder

You are always thinking about how to fix key problems

And there never is an easy solution. if the solution were obvious, everybody would do it. The problems are always hard and they happen all the time

It's all consuming

Especially in early stages, all of your thoughts, life, and emotions go into the startup. There isn't too much else for anything else aside from the startup. It IS you

People think your idea is stupid

It can be hard to hear a ton of criticism about the idea (which happens pretty often if it's truly a novel idea). They're talking about your baby

It's exhausting

Long hours and sometimes you run into and through brick walls.

But we do it because we believe.

We believe this is what the world will become. We believe we can make great change and impact. This is part of our life calling to make a difference in the world.

We do it because it feels amazing.

Every happy user makes me so happy. Every time something works I feel great. When we make an impact, nothing beats that feeling.

We do it because THAT'S WHO WE ARE

I can't not do it. It's in my blood. In my identity. It's who I am.

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