The Evolution Of Rich People
The Evolution Of Rich People stories

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How rich people look have changed over the years. Here it is!

The Evolution Of Rich People

William the Conqueror (11th century)

Worth hundreds of billions of dollars by today's standards. He pillaged and commanded a huge army.

Mansa Musa I (14th Century)

He considered one of the richest people to ever live. He was the ruler of the West Africa’s Malian Empire.

The Rothschild Family (19th century)

A group of London bankers. Here is a shift where it wasn't just rulers who had amassed huge wealth. This family was worth $350B.

John D. Rockefeller (20th century)

$340B net The people who controlled oil, controlled the world.

Bill Gates

Worth $79B. This dancing guy is richhhhh. The start of the tech world.

Mark Zuckerberg

He wears T-Shirts, jeans, and hoodies. And yes, he's worth $35B.

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