The Crazy Adventurous Life Of Sydney
The Crazy Adventurous Life Of Sydney  stories

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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Nothing here should be taken seriously. Or maybe it should. I never know. What is life? Maybe this will answer that. Maybe it won't.

The Crazy Adventurous Life Of Sydney

Hi! My name is Sydney! And this is the crazy adventure known as my life.

Be life is so crazy ridiculously exciting....once you read this you never be able to see me the same again.

You sure you want to keep reading? Ok.....well don't say I didn't warn you.

I spend most of my day in an office on a computer.....doing something really crazy that you'll NEVER guess!

Working on Commaful! But don't be fooled by how not-crazy that sounds.

We fight scary exotic bugs that people have never seen before and work on computers....which Elon Musk thinks eventually will overthrow the human race.

I know. I'm scared too.

Butt......that's not the scariest part of my day.

The SCARIEST part has to be reading the thrillers on Commaful. I just hop on a couch and read through the stories. It's terrifying....

I enter the word of chain saw murderers, ax murderer boyfriends......sometimes I have to call my Mom because I get so scared.

So that's the scariest part of my day. Makes the rest of the world seem boring right? I DO get to have some fun too.

I'm known for my amazing dance moves. Actually, most people think they're pretty terrible. But I like to think I'm talented.....even if nobody else agrees.

I mean, look at me! Don't I look cool.

All of this leads me to my final event for the day. The most important one. The one that requires immense precision.

Even being off slightly can cause huge problems. It's like when rocket scientists calculate the math for a rocket launch.

What could possibly require that much precision you ask? afternoon selfie with my girlfriend Silvia of course!

Before you judge me, I just want to note that perfect selfies are HARD. Just ask Kim Kardashian. She knows what I'm talking about.

And that is what the life of Sydney is like.

I probably have one of the top 5 most exciting lives in the world.

And that was a sneak peak behind the scenes into it

Next time, maybe I'll take you even farther behind the scenes to the top secret my rock collection.

But otherwise...that concludes my life tour. Hope you enjoyed it and don't get too overwhelmed by that story. See you next time!

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