The Battle of Companies Begins
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The Battle of Companies Begins

Companies are always fighting, but these caught my eye as of late

Twitch vs. YouTube

YouTube never really took advantage of gaming and now the big boys of video are in the game. Twitch seems to doing quite well still.

Apple TV vs. Google TV

The smartphones aren't really phones. Smart TV's won't be really TVs. These 2 titans are really going at it to be the next big platform

Facebook vs. Twitter

This isn't as obvious, but notice how Facebook has a lot more real-time news, following functionality, and hashtags?

Apple vs. Google on mobile

Android vs. iOS and the whole privacy battles on mobile.....oh boy....

Google vs. Yelp

Yelp wins on SEO. Google is cutting into that by doing it themselves

The list continues

Last few years I saw a lot of companies jawing at each other. The war now finally begins

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Twitch is an easy pick. People are already loyal to it