Social Media Lessons from Captiv8 Founder at Launch Festival 2016

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Best social media lessons from Vishal's talk at LAUNCH Festival 2016

Social Media Lessons from Captiv8 Founder at Launch Festival 2016

Top Lessons from Vishal Gurbuxani

Use the same watermark and branding across social channels

YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more. The consistency builds engagement.

Share Exclusive Content on Different Channels

Give people a reason to follow you on different social channels by sharing exclusive videos, pictures, etc. on specific social channels. Videos on Snapchat are good

Use YouTube Cards to engage your audience

Use polls to get real-time feedback from viewers. Play with card types to add interactivity.

Use to add music to your videos

Use face filters on Snapchat

Tap and hold on a face in selfie mode. People love it.

Offer special deals

Offer promotions and ask followers to tag friends

Use Life Events on Facebook to target people

Eg. a baby clothes company can target people who recently announced their pregnancy on Facebook

Get your custom Snapchat logo

Share it EVERYWHERE across all social media. People can use it to add you on Snapchat.

Always use HD photos

Email Newsletter

Use it to drive traffic to things. Combine this with giveaways for extra power.

Use HashTags in Instagram comments

Allows you to create more hashtags than the description limits and will drive up your engagement

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