Non-Renewable Resources in Life and Startups

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Decision making of all kinds is hard. Startups or not. Any important decisions you've had to make in your life?

Non-Renewable Resources in Life and Startups

We often come upon difficult decisions.

These decisions aren't always just in startups, but is especially precent in startups where decisions are made on a daily basis. I often have to think about the tradeoffs

Often, tradeoffs involve money, relationships, time

These are extremely important things in our lives. Often times they are intertwined. Other times they are what we base our life off of.

A new framework of placing value

There are many tradeoffs we make. Some are resources we can replenish. Some are ones that are lost for ever.

Renewable: Money

While it can be hard to get money, it is always possible. Most situations allow you to get money back. Or at least enough to live. I'm not saying money isn't important.

Non-Renewable: Relationships and Time

When trusts, friendships, and love go sour. They are really hard to mend back to where they are. When you lose time, you will never get that time back.

Non-renewable resources are especially valuable

We trade time for money every day when we go to work. Tradeoffs happen all the time. But I believe we should take special care of non-renewable resources

They are what we will regret the most

Not taking advantage of time. Not making the most of relationships

True for startups. True for life

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