My Top Memories of 2015
My Top Memories of 2015 stories

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Thanks to all who made it so special! Here's to more amazing memories in 2016!

My Top Memories of 2015

Not in any particular order. Thank you to everybody who made it awesome. Here's to more amazing times!

Co-founding Pencil

Started as a fun project, and has turned into the dream! Working with the best co-founder & so excited to see it blow up! Better get in early & claim your username:

Shutting down TalentTrail

Was a difficult decision, but I know we made the right one. You can see the details of the shutdown here:

Meeting Silvia

She brings so much joy to my life :) I learn so much from her. It can all be traced to when we met on April 14th at ~8:10pm.

Pitching Mark Cuban

While we did not end up getting funded from Mark, so many great opportunities came from it. It was also a just an incredibly fun experience!

Meeting our investor, Eric

Eric is the nicest and most supportive guy out there. We were so lucky to meet him. He's taught us so much and given us the opportunity of a lifetime.

Before moving to the Bay

The night before moving to the Bay Area, I took a walk to all my special spots on USC campus. It was a special walk and allowed me to relive some of the best memories on campus.

Working with the CS201 crew

Because the best memories are always with the greatest people. I hope we all get to work together again some day!

Trip to Lake Arrowhead

Trip that lasted a weekend. Memories that last a lifetime. #cheesy #cliche

My first Pencil story

The magic of creating that 1st post.....I can't even describe how great that felt.

Living in Santa Clara with the best

Prime location with an awesome group of people. Was a great place to focus and was the place where some of our biggest decisions of 2015 took place.

Seeing the high school fam

Sporadic meet-ups, some in January, others during summer, and 1 in December. Love the high school crew and cherish all the lunches, dinners, and basketball games.

TalentTrail January Re-Launch

After so many issues & struggles to close out 2014, the launch was a huge relief. We had solved our growth issues and the job seekers were flowing in. I could sleep again.

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