My New Years Resolutions
My New Years Resolutions stories

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Making my resolutions public help keep me accountable so here they are! Here's to an amazing 2016! What are your New Years Resolutions? Post em on Pencil :)

My New Years Resolutions

1. Maintain a morning routine

Meditation, work-out, & breakfast on 90% of non-travel days. A morning routine makes me more energized and productive. In 2015, I was okay on meditation, but not so great elsewhere

2. More reading less social media

I blocked Facebook's newsfeed in 2015, but Twitter & FB still take up more time than I'd like. I want 15 min total of personal social media time and 25 min a day for reading

3. Avoid fries, chips, and soft drinks

This is especially difficult when traveling, but much better for my long term health. I LOVE chips, but they slow me down. 1 cheat day every 3 months on chips or fries. Absolutely no soft drinks

4. Focus on the big 2-3.

Often times my to-do list had 10 things on it and I ended up procrastinating on the 1 thing that was most important. Focus on the most important 2 or 3 things at a time.

5. Be 100%

If I'm writing a Pencil post, 100% of my attention should be on making the best post ever. If I'm with friends, I should be present 100%. Full attention because people & work deserve nothing less

Happy New Year!!

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