My framework for decision-making
My framework for decision-making stories
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Dedicated to all the amazing people in my life.

My framework for decision-making

I've had to make many big, tough decisions lately. I've decided to focus on two things: long term happiness and learning

Tough life decisions drive me insane

In retrospect, the right choice seems obvious. In the moment, my imagination runs wild with all the what if situations. So many factors come into play

In business there is always a North star

It's easy in business to point to a goal and mission. Most future decisions are centered around the mission and key milestones

Life is a bit more complicated

I have complicated wants and needs. I know what I love. I know what I hate. But balancing and choosing between life priorities isn't as simple

Because life can't be boiled down into a simple mission

You may be destined to be a great founder or basketball player or scientist, but there is more to you than just basketball and science

We are given only so much time and passion

We choose where and who to spend it on. And that's why I came up with my own personal framework for life decisions

1. Optimize for learning

I have so much to learn, about the world, about myself, about love, about business, about everything. At an age where I can afford to take risks, I want to learn as much as possible

Learning is the foundation

I believe that understanding makes you better in all aspects of life. Better founder, better person, better friend. For me, building this foundation is more important than money or status

2. Optimize for long term happiness

Being happy, fulfilled and optimistic has lead me to so many lucky opportunities, in startups and otherwise. But duh, everybody wants happiness right? How do you know what will make you happy?

I recently made a list of moments that made me happy

I focused on happy moments in my life and in the last year. I quickly noticed patterns that helped be determine what happiness meant for me

The happy moments are the ones I can't stop smiling about

When I think about those moments, my heart does flips. I can't suppress my smile. The memory is so strong that I know without a doubt that I was happy

3. When possible, optimize for both learning and happiness

While right now I do focus on learning more than I focus on happiness, the best decisions end up filling both needs.

When happiness and learning are present

I know I can't go wrong with the decision.

Renewable vs. Non-renewable resources

For smaller decisions and decisions at the intersection of learning and happiness, I will also consider this:

This framework has worked so far

I'm happy with many of the decisions I've made based off of this framework. I know I still have much to learn. I'm sure I will make modifications to this soon :)

Feedback? Thoughts? Let me know in the comments :)

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