Most Quotable Moments from the 9th Annual #Crunchies

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Will be live updating some of the best quotes from the #Crunchies, the Oscars of Tech.

Most Quotable Moments from the 9th Annual #Crunchies

"Glad to know that the Bay Area is such an inclusive place

for Millionaires and Billionaires" - Chelsea Peretti

"Fast growing startup might as well be called:

Hire a Damn Lawyer" - Josh Constine

"Job description for a founder: Make Shit Happen"

- Mike Butcher

"Everyone, from the CEO to the intern, has the power

to enrich the product"

"VC life's great.

I even have my own reality TV show canceled" - Dave McClure

"Startups are like a basketball team

People execute and the rich guy pays the bill." - Andre Iguodala

"I have a few app ideas

Singularity: Hooks people up with robots. Steal Stuff: Deactivates alarms when you DadFinder: Tells you where your Dad is at emotionally Mom I'm Fine: every 3 minutes texts mom"

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