If they made a movie about me
Living life as a movie stories

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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If they made a movie about me

I'd want to look cool on screen.

I'd want to have a cool life

Maybe regret a few things

But what if we all treated life as a movie

Where we play the star? It's not a novel idea but I believe the framing is life changing

In the movies, Sydney asks the girl out

How terrible would a movie be if he chickened out?

In the movies, Sydney talks to people around him

He's a super cool character who loves chatting with people.

In the movies, Sydney takes risks

If he fails, he probably does fine in the next scene. In the movies sydney wouldn't settle

In the movies, Sydney learns a big lesson and accepts

No matter what happens the he figures it out or is at peace with things

Thinking about life as a movie shifts perspective

It gives you a third person perspective on your life. We constantly trick ourselves and scare ourselves.

Life as a movie helps you become more objective

And make better decisions

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