Key Takeaways from "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion"

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A classic for every sales person and marketer. You can get the book here:

Key Takeaways from "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion"

by Robert Cialdini

If you ask for a favor: Provide a reason.

This increases success rates significantly. If you ask somebody to cut in line, they'll say no. If you add why, it will significantly increase your odds

Use the contrast principle to close deals

You can make the price of an item seem higher or lower depending on the price of a previously presented item.

Reciprocity rule: people like to return favors

People are more willing to do a favor for someone they like. Another person can make somebody feel indebtedness by doing an uninvited favor.

People like to be consistent

We ignore reason and logic because we prefer to be consistent.

Actions reflect true feelings more than words do

Written commitment has great advantages

Set goals and write them down. The goal itself is less important, the more important thing is that you have something to aim.

When many people do a lot of things, it is usually the right

When things are unclear, we look to and follow the actions of others. This is especially powerful among strangers.

We prefer to say yes to people we like

Attractive people are more persuasive by nature.

We don't want to lose things.

We are motivated more by the idea of losing something than we are about gaining something of the same value.

The "deadline" tactic

Place an official deadline on an opportunity. Use scarcity as a weapon to influence people.We hate to lose freedoms we have.

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@nakurane it's one of my favorites. HIGHLY recommend it

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This has been on my list for some time! Will be reading the book in full but thanks for the key insights!