Key Lessons from "SEO Like I'm 5"

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Some of the key learnings from "SEO Like I'm 5". You can get the book here:

Key Lessons from "SEO Like I'm 5"

Focus on QUALITY. Create VALUE.

Make your content authentic. It needs to be you!

There are no tricks around this. Good content is what Google looks for!

Credibility = High Quality Links to Your Site

Make sure your page speeds are good

They matter a lot for SEO

Trick: Repackage a series of blog posts into an ebook

Don't sell before you win credibility and trust.

Don't spend your time chasing Google's algorithm

Focus on your quality. Focus on your users.

Visual content, including videos are important for SEO

Every time you make a piece of content

You can transform it into another piece

But again, your content is the most important part.

You need well thought-out content before you can do any SEO. You need to tell stories!

Then you need to make sure it's targeting the right audience

Make sure the place you are sharing your content reaches the right people and resonates with your audience.

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