Key Learnings from "The Lean Startup"
Key Learnings from "The Lean Startup" stories

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Some of the key points from one of the bibles of startups. You can get the book here:

Key Learnings from "The Lean Startup"

Build -> Measure -> Learn

The Key Feedback Loop for Startups

Failing is necessary for learning and improving the loop

Planning and forecasting are not up to the task.

These are the ways of old management.

The Lean Startup IS:

the application of lean thinking to the process of innovation

The Thing to Build is:

The thing customers want and will pay for. Build it as quickly as possible

Often times, decisions are necessary:

Pivot (turn from current path) or continue down the line. You want to find the path that will lead you to success

You need to make constant adjustments

Using the build -> measure-> learn framework

Use a minimum viable product

To establish where the company is right now and test your value.

Waiting to long to release can lead to the ultimate waste

You may build something that nobody wants

The faster you can learn from customers the better

The goal is to figure out the right things to build

Which is what the customers want and will pay for. You want to do this as quickly as possible. As soon as you figure this out, You are on the right path.

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