Key Ideas from Good to Great by Jim Collins

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Why some companies are great and others aren't. You can find the book here:

Key Ideas from Good to Great by Jim Collins

Good = the enemy of great

Good companies won't become great companies because things are just "good enough"

You should lead with QUESTIONS not ANSWERS

Great people is the first step

A great vision is not enough if there aren't great people.

It's much easier to become great than to remain great

The only way to stay great is to continue to apply the principles that make you great.

Change the practices/strategies while keeping core values

You need to maintain a strong sense of culture while keeping to the core values and mission of the company

Level 5 Leaders are GREAT leaders

They are modest. They are fanatically driven and have need to produce results. They tend to attribute success to luck.

Step 1: Get self disciplined people to think critically

Ask "Who" not "What"

If people are on the bus because of who else is on the bus, it's easier to change directions.

The best have unwavering faith.

You will prevail, no matter what the difficulties.

Make a "Stop Doing List" as well as a "To-Do List"

The best people know what not to do as well as what to do in their daily lives.

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