I'm a Millennial. Go Ahead, Hate me
I'm a Millennial. Go Ahead, Hate me stories

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I'm a millennial. Yes I am.

I'm a Millennial. Go Ahead, Hate me

by Sydney Liu

Our generation has gotten a lot of bad press, hate, and more

We're going to screw up the future. We're going to destroy the world. And we've lost what's made us human. Huh....

"They only care about their phones and video games"

Get with the times and don't ask us for help every time you have a tech issue. The only reason you aren't using tech more is bc you don't know how

"Millennials are LAZY"

We face far harder classes and way higher academic bars. Our wages are lower and jobs are harder to find than they once were. Just cuz we text doesn't mean we don't work hard.

"Millennials care only about selfies"

Stats show we are most civic minded generation since the 30's. Plus, selfies are better than war, pollution etc.

"Millennials get offended by everything"

Millennials stand up for what they believe and take action to deal with it. Human rights and beliefs are important

I am proud to be a Millennial

a generation of hope and change

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