Microsoft -->Google--> Facebook
I love you Facebook....but watch out stories
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Microsoft -->Google--> Facebook

the invincible warriors

Facebook is getting to a point of seeming unstoppable

It's amazing. Everybody is on it. The scale is unheard of. Messenger is taking over the world

I'm very bullish on Facebook

But then look at Google

Their scale was unheard of. They seemed unstoppable. They were the place for the web. Still dominating, but people no longer look at it the same way

And then of course Microsoft

Also unstoppable. Pinnacle of innovation. Apple can't compete. Microsoft controls PC and thus the world. Look how that turned out.

Facebook has done a great job accelerating

Many companies stagnate after the scaling growth stage. Facebook has been great about creating momentous change after their scaling phase.

I'm not the one to say if that makes the difference.

I'm very bullish about Facebook. But when the next phase of technology comes around. It will be interesting to see

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Google is still fighting strong. I imagine even if Facebook isn't number 1 in 10 years they'll be kicking very very hard