How To Get the Most Out Of LAUNCH Festival
How To Get the Most Out Of LAUNCH Festival stories

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LAUNCH Festival is a HUGE startup event that happens in SF every year. Here are your tricks to maximize your time at the conference!

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How To Get the Most Out Of LAUNCH Festival

by Sydney Liu

The event is crowded and packed w/ people. Plan ahead.

Have a strategy & goal going in. There are endless people to talk to there, but if you don't have a plan, the conference will go by quickly. Plan meetings & know which talks you want to go to.

Try to find as many people going beforehand as possible

Know who's on the speakers list. Know which friends and acquaintances are going. Sometimes they make a Slack group. Network there. Have a list of people you want to meet before going to LAUNCH

Tweet! Great way to build an audience & network!

Tweet thoughtful quotes & tag the speaker in it and use the conference hashtag. People will see it and start conversations with you. The speaker will notice you after the even too!

Make Content (could be a cool Pencil post, hint hint)

Share the lessons you learn from each talk in a Pencil post or blog post! Again, a great way to build an audience and meet new people. It'll also help YOU remember the key lessons from each talk.

If you try to meet a speaker:

Meet them BEFORE they go on stage. Do your research and know what they look like. After they talk, they will become a celebrity and they will be swarmed. You'll be more memorable too.

FOLLOW UP with the people you meet

Meeting somebody is useless unless you build a great relationship out of it. Follow up afterwards. Set up meetings and phone calls. Build out those relationships.

Are you going to LAUNCH? Let me know! Comment below!

Can't wait to see you there! We'll be having a Pencil gathering. Join the Facebook Event here:

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