How I weed through the content noise
How I weed through the content noise stories

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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Using services like Nuzzel ( and Pocket (, I've found my strategy for reading content.

How I weed through the content noise

Using Nuzzel and Pocket to make reading great again.

I used to get time sucked.

Every time I saw a cool headline, I'd read it. A few hours later, I'd wonder what happened....And it all started with reading just one article (which often times was just not useful to me at all)

Here's the new process I use that has worked great

I never read anything the second I see it.

If I have the urge to read it, I use Pocket ( to save it for later.

I limited the places where I got content.

Got rid of most of my newsletter subscriptions and stopped using my Facebook newsfeed as much. I focused on mostly using Nuzzel for content.

Nuzzel was perfect for me.

I spent a lot of time choosing who to follow on my twitter feed. Because Nuzzel uses who you follow to curate the content, the articles that showed up were typically perfect for me.

Setting aside a specific time to read.

Usually during evenings on weekends I'll set aside an hour to read through my pocket. It's casual. I read whatever is interesting or useful to me at the time.

It's worked for me.

Nothing particularly fancy about what I do, but it has worked well.

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