How I Choose What Conferences To Go To
How I Choose What Conferences To Go To stories

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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Conferences take time and resources. I'm less productive when I go to conferences.

How I Choose What Conferences To Go To

by Sydney Liu, Co-Founder of Pencil

There are tech events every day in both LA and the Bay Area

The volume is ridiculous and you'd never get ANY work done if you went to all of them. Most, frankly, have not been useful for me, and thus I've been a lot more picky about events.

I rarely go to events now. I use 2 main criteria to judge

1) Will the people I meet there impact a core need of ours?

I learn the most from people a few steps ahead of me

The events where everybody is just starting out are less useful. I look for events I know I'll learn a lot from people I meet. These are typically invite only events.

2) Will this lead to 10% weekly growth?

If the sales I can close or the users I can acquire could likely lead to 10% growth of our active user base, then I will do it! It means I interface directly with customers too!

If events don't fit these criteria....

It means that my startup will NOT make any progress

It is FAKE work. And thus, I have been avoiding more conferences. Because I am less productive.

What conferences are YOU going to this year?

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