How to Network to a Job

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Especially when you don't have one already.....

How to Network to a Job

Because more than half the jobs never make it to a jobs website

Imagine you're a recruiter

with 500 resumes to go through

A friend tells you to look at one of them

That person is going to get an interview

That's why networking is so important

I know what you're going to say. "But I don't have a network." Let's fix that.

1. Go to an industry event

Focus on meeting people, not asking for a job. If you can, target specific people that you know you want to learn from

Example: Dreamforce

If you're in sales or cloud, Dreamforce will be your dream. Know which companies will be there and help out their booth (bring them water, etc.). Make friends

2. Informational Interviews

Ask somebody in the role you want for advice, guidance, and to pick their brain. You'll learn a lot

Use LinkedIn to find somebody in your industry

Look for 1st and 2nd degree connections. If 2nd degree, ask your mutual friends kindly if they feel comfortable making an introduction

Get to know them and learn

Ask questions about their life at work and how they got into it. Don't ask for a job unless they ask.

3. Join an existing community

You can join a community for people unemployed or in an interest area. Many have meetups or events with speakers

Finding the Community

Just go on and look up your industry. Albert's List is a fantastic online community for unemployed people.

It may seem daunting and lengthy

It's worth it. I've seen thousands of people go through this. The network really makes a difference. Even if it doesn't get you this job. It will help you with the next.


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