From the Hiring Perspective

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What you need to know about recruiters. This varies from the type of positions. We worked mostly with Software companies during our time with TalentTrail. This will especially be true for those types of companies.

From the Hiring Perspective

What you need to know about internal recruiters

A process true for many recruiters

Having built a recruiting startup, I got to speak with hundreds of recruiters. This will be true for many companies, but not all.

1. Get told of a new role to fill (often needed ASAP)

The marketing team may need somebody for market research and as the recruiter to help find them somebody ASAP. Not a lot of timing help....

2. Help prepare job description

Work with the manager of that department and sometimes others to come up with an attractive job description

3. Post onto /careers page and job boards

At this point, they will usually post onto their website and sometimes to job boards (like Monster, Indeed, etc.)

4. Finding people within their network

Recruiters will go through their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and LinkedIn to find people who might be a good fit

5. Asking for internal referrals

Recruiters openly ask people in the company to refer people they think are good. They love referrals. Sometimes, workers get paid for successful referrals!

6. LinkedIn Hunting

Recruiters will go through LinkedIn and search for people who might be a good fit, contacting them directly. If you've ever gotten InMail, it's usually because of this.

7. Phone Screen

Recruiters will conduct the initial phone screen and then pass the candidate on if he or she is good.

After going through referrals and LinkedIn stalking

the recruiter will look over job board resumes. Usually very quickly and make some quick picks.

Obviously your odds are much better if you're referred

or if you're in their network or if they found you on LInkedIn and liked you so much they reached out

Recruiters also sometimes do career fairs and events

If you make a good impression and they flag your resume as a good one, this will also get you to the phone screen faster.

8. Convincing

The best candidates usually have multiple offers. The recruiter has to be able to convince the candidate why their company is the best.

Hope this helps! Questions? Disagree?

Comment below :)

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