Know your North Star

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Finding my true north helped make decision making simpler. I knew how to measure progress and knew how I would get there.

Know your North Star

We all work pretty darn hard

Working long hours, studying through the nights.

How do we know we're actually making progress?

Time Working doesn't equal Progress

Solution: Find your North

You don't have to know exactly where you're going. Just generally define where North is. All of your work and study decisions will be based upon this.

For startups, these are key performance indicators

These are indicators that a startup is progressing. Typically growth metrics. For YouTube, their North Star was total watch time.

For me, it's personal growth

Working on a startup, our startup's KPIs are basically mine, but when I make decisions about my personal life, it's always about personal growth.

Where will my learning curve be exponential?

I quantify learning curve by gut, which I think usually is a good indicator of how much I'm pushed

Decision and Time Management becomes simpler

I ask myself, "Does doing this directly impact our startup KPIs?" If no, I don't do it. Similar questions for personal related work as well.

College became about learning, not classes

When I decided my North was about growth, I went into classes looking to learn info. Not prepare for tests. My college experiences became that much more important.

It makes time feel like currency.

If I'm spending 2 hours on something worth 15 minutes, I won't do it or figure out how to do it faster.

It makes decisions and saying no easier.

I now know how to measure progress.

What's your true North? Comment below :)

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