A new name for Pencil
A new name for Pencil stories

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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Finding a new name was extremely difficult. But we've finally found it.

A new name for Pencil

by Sydney Liu, co-founder of Comma

As many of you know, we have been searching for a new name.

SEO was the biggest reason for the change.

More in depth reasons here: https://usepencil.com/play/sydney/a-new-brand-of-pencil---help-rename-pencil Thank you to ALL of you for the suggestions and help!

There were no names that pleased everyone.

We went through over 4000 names, and we finally found one that pleased us and many of our friends and community members.

The new name is: Comma

Coming soon!

Comma captures what we do and where we want to go

Our goal is to make sharing ideas simple & possible for everyone. Commas were designed to help communicate clearly. Even functionally, our format splits ideas into simpler ideas, like the comma

EVERYTHING will transfer over from Pencil

Your posts, followers, stats, comments, etc. Don't worry! They'll all be there!

Thank you to everyone who helped with the re-name!

We owe many thanks to friends, community members, and more. We appreciate your support and we're excited to share with you the next chapter of our journey.

Come follow us!

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