5 Leadership Lessons from Peyton Manning
5 Leadership Lessons from Peyton Manning stories

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Peyton Manning is a true leader. Here are some things you can learn from him for your business needs.

5 Leadership Lessons from Peyton Manning

by sydney

1. Be prepared for anything

"As much as a quarterback would love a perfect pocket every tie, it's not real life." Manning practices throwing under pressure and in uncomfortable situations to make sure he's ready.

2. Use whatever advantages you DO have

Peyton isn't the young gun he was anymore. He can't rely on athletics. He must rely on his smarts and he uses that to his advantage.

3. Make the people around you better

Receivers are known to fill up the stats sheet more because they're on the field with Manning. He knows how to make the team work smarter. He makes you look good.

4. Set your sights high

Peyton has led his teams to the Super Bowl and beyond. He is one of the best QBs who's ever played the game. He had high aspirations and would never settle for anything less.

5. Love what you do

You can tell Peyton loves his job. He works extremely hard because he has fun doing it. His passion for the game spreads to the rest of the team.

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