2 Seconds Can Make An Author's Day
2 Seconds Can Make An Author's Day stories

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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That magical moment when you have a new comment. We've all felt it. A PSA inspired by what I've witnessed from @bernardtwindwil, who is the master of this, and the master of making all the amazing community members here feel amazing!

2 Seconds Can Make An Author's Day

A friendly reminder about a simple action that can really make every writer's day. It's a super power that sits right below our noses.

That power? To comment on that story!

Leave one word comments that say "awesome!"

Tell them how much you've seen this writing grow

Tell them that you gave their story a "like"

Tell them how much you can see their emotions and passion

Tell them when the story made you grin, when it made you cry, when it made you hurt, when it made you feel alive.

Tell them you've re-read their story once. Twice. 10 times.

Leave that comment. It costs you 1 second of time. And you'll make the writer's day

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