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Some of the things people say about me


You're too quiet

They would tell me

Why are you so shy?

They would ask

Speak up for once

They would force me

Stop being so quiet

They told me

Why are you so lazy?

They asked

What's wrong with you?

I knew they were thinking

So I became someone new

Someone who they might like

Someone who wasn't quiet

Someone who spoke their mind

Someone who was energetic

Someone who was loud

What do they say now?

Why are you so loud?

Can't you ever be quiet?

Calm down

You have to learn when to stop talking

Stop it you are making a scene

You are too dramatic

You are too everything

Why not take it down a notch?

They all say

It's like I can never please them

I can quiet back down

They'll complain

I can stay as I am now

They'll complain

I can try to balance it out and be 'normal'

They'll still find something to say about me

I guess I'll never be able to please anyone

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