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A new creepy creepypasta for you

By: Me



Daniel heard as he zoned out of his day dreaming state.

"What?" Daniel asked as he realised he was in a middle of a lesson.

Daniel's friend, Tim, flipped his wrist at Daniel's arm."Pay attention."

Daniel started to listen to his teacher in his maths class, and he jotted down the words the teacher said. But by the end of the lesson, before lunch started, he looked at his book.

He didn't write down the words the teacher said, he only had written "false" over and over again.

His face hit white, then he shoved the book in his bag.

Daniel and Tim went to lunch, talking about typical teenage boy stuff.

Tim lent over to Daniel. "That girl though!"

He said as the hottest girl in their class sassed by them.

"Yeah," Daniel started. "She's not really my type."

Tim stopped Dan straight away. "You're joking, aren't you?"

He shook his head in return and began to walk away.

"F***ing phsyncopath." Daniel heard.

Daniel slowly turned to Tim. "What did you say?"

"You're joking aren't you?" Tim replied in confusion.

Daniel slowly began to walk away, brushing away his long black hair.

As Daniel got his lunch, he began to feel dizzy. He felt dizzy and a creepy voice crawled into his head.

"You don't belong here," It said. "You're not them, you're different."

As Daniel fell, the last thing he remembered was the voice saying "find me."

When Daniel woke up, everyone was surrounding him as he lay on the floor. His vision was blurred and darker. But when his eyes fully opened everyone stepped back.

He didn't understand why until the school nurse to him to the check up room.

The nurse handed him a mirror and, as soon as he looked, he froze. Both his eyes were coloured red, with black dots in the center and the outline in a circle.

Blood tears ran down his face, then the nurse quickly wiped them away with a tissue.

His condition was unknown, to the world. His friends began to ignore him but, the popular people began to crave him.

He didn't need to sleep, he didn't need to eat, and sometimes, he didn't need to breath.

One time, before he became a phsycopath, his old friend Tim nudged him in the corridor, Daniel lost it, he beat Tim half to death and when he finished he was crying blood.

His hands were covered in blood, then he heard the voice.

"They're not real, they're not family. THEY ARE DEAD!" The voice screamed.

Daniel fell over and began to shake. Then he got up and ran, passing teachers and students with blood dripping to the floor. The voice still in his head, "Find me."

Daniel ran through the school doors and out to the street, not turning back. He ran and ran until the voice stopped. And by then, he was in the middle of nowhere.

He looked around and saw trees, so he slowly began to walk towards them. He walked and walked until he saw a shadow. The voice in his head said "You found me.

" As man stepped out, this man was way higher than seven foot, he wore a suit and had no face.

Then he skipped about a day, and woke standing in front of a dusted mirror.

Daniel was wearing a red suit, his hair was spiked, his eyes were bright red dripping with blood and he had a giant smile. He began to walk out, grabbing a machete.

"It's a new day, for a phsycopath."

As Daniel slammed the door shut, he noticed movement in the bushes surrounding his little shack in the middle of the woods.

"Come out, come out." He said creepily.

A light reflection caught his eye, a shiny blade stuck out the bush. Daniel saw a blooded smile in the reflection as he slowly stepped towards the person behind the bush.

Then, a twig snapped, and a man jumped out and began attacking Daniel.

Back and back they attempted to cut each other, until a loud pitched sound screeched in their heads, and they both fell over.

"Ahhh," The man moaned. "What the f**k?"

Then, it stopped. The tall man that Daniel saw before walked out, "SiLenCe," The hiss of his voice rattled in his head. "ThiS ISn'T hOw a FamILy sHOuld BE."

Daniel pushed himself up off the floor.

"What do you mean, 'family'?" He said, groaning of the pain that still lingered.

The tall man lifted the attacker of the floor, but with black tentacles that came out his back.

"MeET jEfF." His hiss said.

Jeff swayed as he looked he was about to pass out.

Daniel removed the hand from his head and picked up his machete, "Well, it's been nice seeing you again." As he walked away, he turned to Jeff. "Jeff, you look tired...

and that smile really is ugly."

Daniel turned and walked away.

"I'm gonna kill him." Jeff whispered. "I'm gonna kill that prick, Slender."

Walking through the woods, Daniel noticed some campers, in their tents having a romantic moment. Daniel swayed his black hair away from his pale skin, and began to walk closer.

As the girls moans got louder, he got closer, until he could smell them.

Then, they stopped. Daniel heard the man whisper "There's something outside." So Daniel decided to lift his machete and plunge it into the tent.

He stabbed the girl through the back straight through her chest. The man got up and ran into the woods.

Daniel removed his machete and smiled. "Hide and seek?" He shouted.

He began to chase after the man, and for miles he chased, until the loud scream of the man echoed through the trees.

"No, no, NO!" Daniel Shouted as he sprinted after the screams.

When he got to the location, he saw a young girl, about nine or ten, just standing next to the dead body of the man as a black dog ate at his neck.

"What the f**k?" Daniel Whispered as he stopped dead in his tracks.

The young girl in the pink dress turned around. "Hiya!" She's shouted, "I'm Sally."

Daniel kneeled down. "Hi Sally." Daniel continued. "Where's mommy and daddy?"

Sally began to tear up. "Mommy died." She began. "But, you met daddy."

Daniel looked confuessed. "When?"

Sally pointed into the woods. "When he showed Jeff to you, silly."

He stood up and took steps back. The dog looked at Daniel and growled.

"Smiley, no." Sally said.

Smiley coward and continued eating the body.

Daniel stepped back until he got blocked by something. It was tall and skinny. He slowly turned and saw Slender looking down at him.

"GoiNg SomEWHerE?" Spoke its his.

Daniel looked at him. "No, not anymore."

Then he passed out.

Daniel woke up in a different shack. He heard mumbling in the room next to him.

As he walked out the door, he saw a bunch of people in a circle talking about him, then they stopped and looked at him.

Jeff walked past him with a can of food, "Welcome to the family."

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