Unaccomodating Accommodation.

Unaccomodating Accommodation. liar stories

sy There we go
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I am free of my tenancy!

Unaccomodating Accommodation.

A loveless lock, Contractually obliged, And legally wedded, Cohabitation.

Now, I am free, I packed and left, Without a word of fonder times, Without a last goodbye.

I left your keys in the door, But I took all that I am - You owned me for a time, But I was a tenant, not a slave.

No more will I deal, In thoughtless words, And heartless gestures, And live in a rented room.

I will own my own house now, Tidy and clean, Filled with what and who I choose, Not your lies and petty strangers.

I am gone now, And I shall not return. These are the last words I leave, And with that, Well - The lease is up.

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