The Snake called Socks.
The Snake called Socks. shoes stories

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The Snake called Socks.

I once met a snake, He called himself Socks. He lived in a shoe, Upon Albert Docks.

He was covered in scales, Of red, green and black, That stippled and zig-zagged, And gleamed down his back.

Socks sat me for supper, With fork and with knife, He poured out a measure, And told me of life -

He once was a sailor, He once was a thief, He once was a warrior, For a great Greenwich chief.

The snake'd been to twelve countries, (Eleven more than me) Had flown by balloon, And thrown overboard at sea,

He'd seen the hanging gardens, And visited Peru, But Socks said he was at home, Wherever - with his shoe.

Socks sang me of his lovers, And hissed of those he fought, Of men that he had learned from, And those of whom he taught.

For an hour we sat silent, Thick, in gravy soaked trance, Before we pair sprang brightly, And spun in jubilant dance. ***

Somewhere Big Ben bonged, Bonged again - for it was two, Socks yawned and I thanked him greatly, For his fine meal - and his shoe.

And after a few final tipples, I toppled off to bed... And woke on a Thames street corner, With a boot beneath my head. *** (All credits to the gorgeous Persipan)

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