The Princess and the Knight.
The Princess 
and the 
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Trying to employ a little Tennyson.

The Princess and the Knight.

Trapped within her ivory tower, The princess watched the April shower, 'How I wish, I wish I had the power!' But she was imprisoned by the monster.

By daytime, he was called the Knight, To protect fair maidens from mortal plight, But he changed the moment it turned to night, Unwilling, he became the monster.

He had caught her on a summer's day, When she danced merrily, bright and gay, She loved him then when down they lay, But soon awoke the monster.

He could not control what he thought she could cure, His heart so corrupt, and hers so pure, But the Knight's transformation he could not endure, And he was consumed utterly by the monster.

A struggle ensued and he pinned her down, Ripped her cloak and tore her gown, Took her jewels and stole her crown, For he was the cruellest monster.

Not a man, but the devil in disguise, A living façade, treachery and lies, 'Oh you, oh you, oh you I despise!' Cried the princess to the monster.

But he did not listen, why should he care? He did not feel love, his heart unaware, So he took her away to his poisonous lair, The home of the foulest monster.

And now she is wedded, the unwillingest bride, With every escape, failed and tried, When up to the heavens in fury she cried, 'God let me kill this monster!'

God in His mercy, gave her a knife, To kill the knight and steal his life, As he stole hers to be his wife, The wife that did not love the monster.

She plunged the point up to the hilt, And upon the cobbles, his blood was spilt, The princess ran, heavy with guilt, Even though he was a monster.

Away to new kingdoms, she began life anew, As the monster lay coughing his life and sinew, And his last mortal words came bloody and true, 'Forgive me, I am not a monster.'

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