The Hair and I.
The Hair and I. wrong stories

sy There we go
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My hair is silver with touches of purple green and blue. It's my birthday hair for tomorrow :)

The Hair and I.

Damn it and darn it, Just look at my barnet. No, rather, it's not there, All because I...

I didn't take care, And bought bleach for the floor, Not bleach for my hair. I wanted to be blonde, With ringlets of gold, Now I'm as white as an egg, And utterly bald.

I did everything right, Except read the box, And emptied peroxide, On what were my soft locks. And they burned and fizzled, 'Til I realised - too late! I'm not an elf princess,

I'm a monk with shaved-pate! Now my head's rubbed raw, And my soul's in such pain, As I watched my hair, Wash wet down the drain.

Oh, it's all gone wrong, What a grave to dig! Suppose I'd best go out, And buy me a wig.

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