The Betrayal.

                                       The Betrayal. fever stories

sy There we go
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Double the flowers and triple the misery :(

The Betrayal.

Oh, once upon a sunny day, When spring was springing, And flowers gay, I wondered whether to go or stay, And wander through the wheat and hay.

I pondered on the choice to choose, To venture outside, What was there to lose, Oh, yes! I thought, my nose abuse - That terrible fate of mucus.

I suffer with a deadly curse, Each spring it comes, And makes it worse, I carry tissues in my purse, But the sneezing always gets there first.

But the weather is too nice to stay inside, Too bright and sunny, To lurk and hide. I ummed and ahhed and did decide, To hold my head high and swallow my pride.

But oh, what a fool was me! To think nothing would happen- What misery! How the pollen clung as if I was a bee, It only took those minutes three -

And then I was sneezing and snotting about, What a dunce! What a lout, I wiped at my nose and with a shout, Cried 'I wish, I wish I did not go out!'

And I dived in my bag in a frenzied mission, To blow my nose, What a poor ambition, And my hankie was gone! I sobbed with submission, With a blossoming nose I was pinned in contrition.

How I was betrayed by the one that I needed, So pity my prayers, All those calls that I pleaded, I should never have left, Doctor's advice went unheeded, And now I am wracked with a nose so mistreated.

So listen you who are pleased with the season, I know you are happy, But attend to my reason, You may think your safe from the flowery legion, But always be wary for the first signs of treason,

From your pills and your tissues - they'll scurry away, As soon as spring's springing, On that bright sunny day, You might end up miserable where once you were gay, In suffer of illness, the fever of hay.

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