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sy Hgnf Dobble Bla!
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Please, take a peek at my diary.

Sy's Week.

On Monday I covered myself, In olive oil, Extra virgin. It took minutes to apply, And hours to scrub off. I was very moisturised.

On Tuesday I drank, Eight cups of tea, In two hours. I gave myself caffeine poisoning, And I couldn't stop shaking. But no one could accuse me of being tired.

On Wednesday I walked, Twenty miles, To nowhere in particular. It rained, And my feet hurt. I shan't do that again.

On Thursday I ran, To become an MP, For my local council. I won by a healthy margin, And have been put in charge of internal affairs. I think I will claim a duck house on my expenses.

On Friday I did, Absolutely nothing, At all. Which, is really rather hard, Considering you have to hold your breath. I was remarkably well rested.

On Saturday I saw, My mother, Because I am contractually obliged to do so. I must be the only person, To pay to see their parents. That is lawyers for you.

On Sunday I planned, To end the world, And move to the moon. I do not think it will be that difficult, All I need is a rocket and there is a good sale on. I will use my birthday money.

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