Sy's Marzipan Recipe.
Sy's Marzipan Recipe. cooking stories

sy There we go
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Just my personal recipe for marzipan. It's so easy to make and so much nicer (and cheaper!) to make at home.

Sy's Marzipan Recipe.

Serves: 375(ish grams or 30 sweets) You will need: 90g golden caster sugar 90g icing sugar (and more for dusting) 200g ground almonds (But if you like it a bit crunchy buy whole ones and give them a bit of a whizz in a food processor) 1 large egg 2tsp of almond extract 1tsp of cognac or port (I use more for a more alcholic taste)

Mix the sugar and egg in a large bowl Place bowl over a saucepan of just simmering water and stir for 10 minutes Take off saucepan and place bowl in 5cm of cold water and allow to cool Add almond extract, cognac, and almonds and mix well

On a non-stick surface, roll out almond paste into a shape of your choice, or use it to top cakes I like to dip mine into melted dark chocolate to make marzipan bon-bons Consume at your leisure.

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