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I did top research for this one. Very important. Also, flan.


Do you know why I like the word fan? Because it rhymes with so many things. Which is good, because I am rather lazy, And do not like thinking too hard. It tires my little fishy brain.

One Sillable: An, Ban, Can, Clan, Flan (I like flans - I am a flan fan), Man, Nan (my nan makes flan), Pan (you can make flan in a pan, of which I am a fan), Plan, Ran, San, Scran (flan is a form of scran), Span, Tan, Than, Van.

Two Sylables: Afghan, Bedpan, Began, Bhutan (do they have flan in Bhutan?), Caftan, Cancan, (I hope they have the cancan in Bhutan), Caveman, Conman, Deadpan, Divan, Doorman (and all other man, really, for example; man like flan - flanman), Iran, Japan, Lifespan, Milan, Pecan (I wonder if nan can make pecan flan),

Quran, Rattan, Saran, Saucepan, Sedan, Siouan, Spokane (there are a lot of places), Sudan (another!), Suntan, Tien Shan, Wingspan. Phew.

Three Syllabels: Caravan, Dripping Pan, Frying Pan, Garbage Can, Harmattan, Hindustan, Isle of Man, Kazakhstan (I could be a holiday rep at this point), Minivan, Minuteman, Pakistan, Turbofan (that's like a fan on pecan flan made by nan in a saucepan in the back of her caravan), Warming Pan, Yucatan.

Four Sillabls: Afghanistan, Attention Span (if you've managed this far, yours is impressive indeed), Catamaran, Installment Plan (does that count?), Sea of Japan, Stock Purchase Plan (because we all write poems on those), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Watering Can.

Five Syllbeles: Neanderthal man. Six Syllables: Abominable Snowman. Eight Syllables: Employee Stock Ownership Plan (because if that doesn't end this list on a high note, what will?).

So what have we learnt? 1) Fan has many rhymes 2) I am a fan of flan 3) There are many places 4) I can't spell syllebel 5) Sillabel 6) Sylabel 7) Oh, bugger it.

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