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sy There we go
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Something to do in the Real World!

Painted Rocks.

Something different, but I thought it might be fun. Basically, towns and villages (shoutout to Bristol for starting it) in the UK have arranged hunts for each other. What we do is paint rocks and hide them for our fellow villagers to find, and when found, they post images of said found rock on facebook/twitter and rehide it for others to find.

It's very simple and is kind of like a community being community-ish without actually interacting. Which is, as an English person, very nice indeed. I don't want to talk to anyone but I demand to be involved. Like the rest of my neighbours.

So, perhaps you could bring this to your respective communities. It's rather fun when someone finds a rock you carefully painted. But don't hide it too well. Leave it on a low brick wall or something. And do remember to write: #(whatevervillageisyours)rocks on the back.

That is whatever village is yours, not whatevervillageisyours... And have fun! Sy. x

Rock for hiding . . . \/ :)

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