Millionaire Who?

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sy Hgnf Dobble Bla!
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Down with the capitalist agenda!

Millionaire Who?

Money is a funny thing, Makes one man cry, And another sing, Dependant on possession, We cling to this obsession, That money, turns the world.

And this may be true, For one or two, Who own whatever they do want. But me, no, I do not care - I only, Wish for turnips.

For turnips are a noble prize, Worth far more, Than fortunes of size, And think of the goodness for all of your insides! I'd rather have a turnip.

Far more than any coin or gold, The turnip is what I behold, As wealth beyond all riches told, This vegetable is the greatest.

And I feel as if I have the earth, When out of earth I pull with mirth, The turnip, which for its weight is worth, More than any precious stone.

So hear me, Seek neither silver nor silk, Nor any of that material ilk, Instead, seek turnips, And you will find, That wealth is best when in the mind.

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