Light Lifting.

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Light Lifting.

"And here we are at the 2018 Annual Championships, and my, can you feel the energy here today? " "Oh, yes, Dan. It is just teeming out there. And what a day for it - brilliant weather. Especially considering the competition is going to be held outside for the first time in the Championships history."

"Here they come now! These two men have worked their entire lives for this moment." "Mmm, it's just amazing. And they are on top form today." "So, thanks for joining us. Out first is Gerald Bunchman in the Blue Stripes and Dominic Zadan in the green polka dots. Oh and there's the referee Madam Welker. Back in the day she was the world's female

champion. Do you remember that? " "Hah, yes. Must've been about five. You were about fifty?" "Leave off, I've got more hair than you. Now, the ceremony. The goose is being placed on the scales and there is the cup. Smaller this year, that's another change. " "Fitting."

"Yeah. For those of you who don't know, last year there were complaints that the whole thing was getting a bit much, so it's good to see the committee took that on board." "Well, it's as much about the message of the show as it is the competition itself. And with that, we'll be right back after the break. " ...

"So, welcome back. Here we are on a lovely summer's day in West Chewswick, where the Weightlifting World Championships are just about to get started. Bunchman and Zadan are in the Weights Square with Madam Weller assuming her position in the referee's chair. Who are you picking to go home with the trophy, Paddy?"

"It's hard to say. As you said, Dan, both men are on top shape. Frankly I think it could be either. Dominic of course is here to defend his title, but my has Gerald really shone in this competition." " Yeah, my money's on the youngster. Gerald is keen. You can see it in his eyes, he's ready to win. "

"Ha, well we'll know in just a short while who will be crowned the World's Weakest Man."

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