It's not coming home.
It's not coming home. world stories

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My thoughts on the footie.

It's not coming home.

No one really expected England to win. In fact, no one expected England to come anywhere close to the semi-finals. No one expected us to save goals, Pass well, Definitely not win on penalties!

We had a team of unknowns, Young and experienced, Managed by Southgate, who seemed to be given the team as an afterthought. Not planned to actually lead them anywhere. But for some reason, it worked, And the nation dared to fall in love with the beautiful game.

We saw some magnificent performances, Kane, Maguire, Stone, Pickford, and Trippier all shone. (Trippier was my personal man of the match. His crosses and corners were magical) And who can forget Southgate's winning attire? (No, not the kit, the suit...)

Sales in waistcoats have shot up because of him.

Anyway, In the end, it did not happen for us. Croatia beat us 2-1 in extra time (And let's be honest, we would be trounced by France in the final if we had won.) But the dream was nice while it lasted.

The weather will turn, It will rain, Brexit will plague us, Probably lots of other things that I daren't consider...

It will be a while until the next World Cup Final. Enough time for us to lick our wounds, Wash our England shirts, (I suspect there are some more die-hard fans that have not removed them for several weeks now) Learn and practise - and win!

Because no one expected us to do that well, Doing that well was fantastic. No one is harbouring grudges or sulking, The newspapers haven't slated Southgate, (although it has only been about five hours since our defeat)

No, I think that we had a brilliant cup. It made us like ourselves just a little bit, And made us proud - which no proper English person ever thinks to be. So all in all,

Play on England!

Play on England! (We'll bring it home next time, lads)

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