Inner Workings of a Psychopath's Mind

Inner Workings of a Psychopath's Mind scary stories

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18+ very short experiment with writing styles. Copying Stephen King.

Inner Workings of a Psychopath's Mind

BIG 18+ here. Many many swears. Violent imagery. E.t.c. I just finished reading Stephen King's 'IT' and wanted to have a go at copying his style. You have been warned.

It is easy to do things in a shopping centre. Not 'normal' things like walk about, chat, and, shop. Other things. No one notices what happens outside their own bubbles, too busy being normal and civil. So fucking nice! All the time. The way they side step and smile and, and say thank-you-a-very-fucking-much and nod their stupid heads like dogs. That's all they are, well trained puppies that no little more than

not to shit on the floor. Fuck them. Still, it makes my work so much easier. I can just chose them, lead them away, and one-two-one-two, pow! They are right where I want them. Where they should be, really. I mean, it's not like I am doing anything that I don't have the right to do, is it? Is it, me old chummy

chum? They are dogs, I'm just euthanizing them. I am helping them, for Christ's sake! They are so fucking sick in their own little worlds. I am healing them, showing them what life is all about. Expanding their minds - quite literally. With a shotgun. Ha, a vet with a two fucking barrelled shot gun right to the fucking face. And all they do in their god-damned shops is just live, and

dribble, and stink. God I don't know what is worse, that mundane shit they talk about or the smells. Oily, greasy, body odour. Every mall smells like some farm. I have to do my best not to gag while I watch - sorry, work. Even if I did spew my guts all over the floor, I bet they wouldn't even notice. I bet they'd all walk right through it, they are that fucking dumb. Chrissakes, what motherfucking bedshitting

beasts everyone on this fucking planet is! I'm just doing my duty. That's all it is. Fucking work.

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