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syIg @really_nice_salads
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a bit of fun :) had a giggle writing it even if its utter rubbish

☆ [Re]Incarnation ☆

As long as I'm not a brinded cat, Then throw me in the pot, Give me prickles - I'll not whine, Give me all you've got. ☆☆☆

I'll be a Harpier with a watch, A toad a'plucked from stone. A fenny snake near stripped of life, And stripped of flesh from bone. ☆☆☆

But not call me the cat Cat i' the adage, I'll swim like newt or frog, Have my eyes, my legs - your call! Or else, I'm bat or dog. ☆☆☆

I can smell of roses, But reborn with adder's flick. Stir it up, good an hot, Bubbling, boiling, thick. ☆☆☆

But not let me a cat, I pray, A legless lizard I beseech, Have me back a baby owl, With a baby owl screech. ☆☆☆

Return will I as predator, A dragon spitting fire. A wolf in wolf's own clothing, For your skin should be no liar. ☆☆☆

Perhaps a goat will be my coming, With crazed and curly horn, Or tiger lost in ancient jungle, Not knowing he's reborn. ☆☆☆

Just let me not be a little cat, I'll be baboon instead, Bring me back as nearly anything - Or rather, leave me dead. ☆☆☆

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