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I think it's time. I was gonna do this at a later point but heck it.

I, Sy.

I've been doing some more thinking and well, Perhaps it is time.

I don't think I can continue posting without taking ownership of my work. Currently I am just a nameless no one. A pixellated façade. So, it's all about to change. May I have the pleasure of introducing myself.

I am Rebecca. Sy is short for Sydney, my middle name given to me in honour of my grandfather. I'd rather my name was Sydney than Rebecca, so if you don't mind I'll stay as Sy. I am English American/Mexican with all sorts of bits thrown in to the mix.

I was born in the U.S.A. but grew up in Singapore before moving to the U.K. aged eight. All of this means I don't have a strict definite culture, which is perhaps why I latched onto stereotypical 'little England', but to most Brits, I am clearly not a full English. That's ok. I am nineteen and am always the youngest in my year.

I know one day that'll work in my favour. I'm fairly androgynous and bisexual. Thats fairly andro, I'm not fairly bi, I just am. And I own that. I write about love from all sexualities and genders, perhaps because I am caught

in the middle of all of them. I'm a bit smug about that - makes it easier. But whenever (rare, I know) I do write on love, it is for my amazing boyfriend, who is very patient with me. The personality Sy has is my own, so you can base 'me' off that.

And that's all I had to say really. Keep on writing, Commaful Comrades! And if you ever want to talk, I'm always available to lend one of my heavily pierced ears. Pleased to meet you. Sy. x

No, I never left the Scene/Alternative phase.

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