He Brings Me Lilies.

             He Brings 
                        Me Lilies. weather stories

sy Hgnf Dobble Bla!
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Sy's doing a soppy!

He Brings Me Lilies.

He brings me lilies with the summer, He comes with the diamond rain. He walks up to my frozen door, And warms my heart again.

He brings me roses on warm evenings, And at dawn, he comes with heather, He brings the gentle daisies bright, He brings with him soft weather.

Soft breezes in the afternoon, Honey sunshine from above, He brings the blossom of my youth. He brings with him sweet love.

He is my faithful gardener, Clearing thorns that I have grown, The weeds that I have tended to, He takes to call his own.

And when the tempest tears my heart, And when foul weather reigns, He comes to calm the dreadful storm, He comes to bear my pains.

He brings me lilies with the summer, He brings his floral care. He weaves the weather for my dress, And flowers in my hair.

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