Harley's Riposte.

Harley's Riposte. fish stories

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Harley's Riposte.

I was happy. Once. Living lone in my tank. I liked to watch you, Go back and forth, Back and forth in front of my tank. MY tank.

Let me say that again, My tank, for my landscape gardening. I did not want those weeds there, So I took initiative. I dug them up, And it look so much better.

And haven't you heard of a diet? I wanted to lose a few grams, Care for my swim bladder, I want to look GOOD, damnit. And then you really did it, Really stroked my scales the wrong way.

Roommates. The first two were ok, Insignificant little things - Pushovers. But oh no, you removed them. Shoved Spartan in instead. The chiselled cichlid,

All looks but no brains. I had to show him who was boss, That's Darwinism, honey. MY house. MY rules. So you tried to squash me with the next two brutes,

Took pity on me did you? Hah, Idiot. It was all a ploy to get them out. I wasn't scared. That hiding was just a trick. Fooled you good.

But it was too bad about Baboo. What a little titch he was, Just couldn't cope in the real world, could he? Hear he's got his own place now. And then you get the eel. Not even a proper fish, is he?

Call me speciesist, but a fish needs a bit more than what he's got. He's a stick with gills. And I'm stuck with him. Spartan and Haku, oh how... ...wonderful. I hate sharing.

They try to talk to me, And swim in my vicinity. No taste in landscape gardening, No sense of decency. Won't leave me alone. Oh, I'm spoiling for a fight, I am. Just try me, sweetie.

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